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  • Rick LoPresti

Male order bride

In the 19th century in America, single women that wanted to move from the east coast to the west coast would place themselves in a catalog in which single men could look for a bride. They were called mail order brides. In the 20th and 21st centuries this changed to women who wanted to leave Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union, or Latin America. In the Bible the church is called the bride of Christ (Mt 9:15, Mt 25:1, Jn 3:29, Rom 7:4, 1Cor 6:16- 17, 2Cor 11:2, Eph 5:22-32, Rev 19:7-9, Rev 21:1-2 & 9-10 (Mt 5:14, Heb 12:22- 23)). Christians are also called the sons of God (Jn 1:12, Rom 8:14 & 19, Phil 2:15, 1Jn 3:1-2). If men can be the bride of Christ, then women can be the sons of God. This is not a gender confusion issue. In fact, it has nothing to do with gender (Gal 3:28). These are just ways to illustrate the close familial relationship Christians have with God. The church should not have an identity issue, and should not be confused by the way the world is lost in general, and specifically when it comes to gender issues. Whenever we move off the foundation of the scripture on anything, we have nothing left to rely on but what the carnal, deceived mind of man makes up. This is true with gender issues.

God is not confused. He made us male and female (Gen 1:27). It is that simple. While Christians should have compassion for those who are battling gender identity issues, it should not compromise the clear teaching of scripture to appease anyone or to justify unbiblical behavior. America started down the path of gender confusion during World War II when women started leaving their traditional roles and clothing and began entering into areas normally considered male. This led to the alleged liberation movement which led to increased adultery and divorce and the breakdown of the family.

This is not to condone the oppression of women. The Bible does not teach chauvinism or the devaluing of women. The Bible does not assign different values to men and women. It assigns different roles. It does no honor to femininity to try to make it manly. It is ironic how women who are unhappy with their God-given role express their disdain of the divine order by trying to be like men. It is also important to note that those that complain about the divine order in the Bible never complain about how other religions treat their women. This shows that the problem is a spiritual one rooted in rejection of and rebellion against the God of the Bible. Christianity does not hold women down. There is no belief system that gives more honor to true femininity (1Pet 3:1-7). God made men and women similar in some ways, and different in others. Even science shows us that the brains of men and women are different. Anyone who does not understand the physical differences can retake a basic anatomy class. No anatomical mutilation can turn someone into the opposite gender. God did not authorize man to do that.

The wisdom of man tends to make things more complicated than they are (Rom 8, 1Cor 1-2, Jam 3:13-18). Man tries to redefine things to accommodate his lusts. The wisdom of God is not hard. It is only hard to the carnal mind of man who rejects the truth of God. God is not the author of confusion, but sin is. People who are struggling with their identity in any way have a serious spiritual battle, but Jesus has already overcome everything that seeks to separate us from Him. We can find our victory in Him. Only in Him can we find who we really are (Mt 10:39, Mt 16:25, Col 3:3).

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