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  • Rick LoPresti

A hunger for truth and righteousness

We tend to think of the natural and the spiritual as two separate worlds, and in some ways they are. Yet there are also some correlations. For example, man has a built in hunger for food. We do not choose it, and it will not stop seeking to be satisfied. While we must control it through proper, balanced diet, and as Christians we should also exercise the spiritual discipline of fasting, if we fail to listen to the cry of our hunger we will eventually die. If we do not eat right we will experience the repercussions in our physical health. So it is in the spiritual. We are all created by God with a spiritual hunger. Some people try to pretend this is not so, but they are only deceiving themselves. God did not create us primarily as physical beings, but as spiritual ones. He gave all of us a spirit. Our bodies are not primarily who we are. It is our spirit that makes us who we are. That is why atheism and evolution can never answer the real questions of our existence. They ignore the most fundamental and essential aspects of who we are. Death came into the world because of sin (Gen 2:17, Rom 5:6-21, Rom 6:23). That is why Jesus Christ came into the world. He died for us so we can live. Our bodies must die, but they will be resurrected. Even those that die in sin will be resurrected. Some will be resurrected to eternal life, and some will be resurrected to face their final judgment (Jn 5:21-29, Rev 14:14-20, Rev 20:11-15). It depends on whether we put our faith in the Son of God and follow His word or not. Our spirits will live forever, whether in heaven or in hell.

We all have a spiritual hunger, and it will not stop seeking to be satisfied. We all feed it one way or another. Some feed it with spiritual junk food, and that is why they are not spiritually healthy. The devil always offers counterfeits and substitutes for the things of God. He is not creative like God is. He only imitates Him. Too many people just eat what he offers without reading the label to see what is actually inside. The government requires food companies to put certain information on food packaging, but we can ignore the information provided and partake anyway. God always ensures everyone has the information they need (Jn 1:9, Jn 3:19-21, Rom 1:20). God gave the Jews the law and they ignored it. He gave the Gentiles a conscience to lead them to the word of God, and they ignored it (Rom 2). We are without excuse. There are many forms of spiritual junk food. People feed their desire for supernatural experiences with movies and shows about fictional characters with imaginary powers. They watch shows about "paranormal" activity which is nothing more than demonic activity. They seek false explanations of life after death. Anything about zombies is currently popular. They even try to suffocate their spiritual hunger with fleshly things. Some even turn to satanism whether overt or covert in a misguided effort to obtain spiritual power. People do foolish things like playing with Ouija boards or horoscopes trying to reach into the spiritual, and all the time God is offering us more spiritual experiences and power than we can handle on our own.

Today most of what calls itself Christianity is not fully addressing the spiritual hunger of man. That is because religious tradition will never accomplish this. What the soul of man is crying out for is righteousness and truth. Even real miracles on their own will not satisfy what the spiritual man really needs. Righteousness cannot be defined by man. It can only defined by the word of God - the Bible. There are many false definitions out there, even in places that call themselves Christian. Righteousness can be simply defined as doing what the Bible says. "Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous (1Jn 3:7)." Truth also cannot be understood by man's definition. Jesus Christ is the truth (Jn 14:6). Outside of Him there is no truth. There are only substitutes which will not get the job done.

Modern "Christianity" has lost its focus on righteousness and truth, and has become a catering service offering mostly junk food. The purpose of the church is not to help people feel better about themselves or their earthly circumstances. It is to seek and to save the lost (Lk 19:10). If you listen to a lot of what attempts to pass for preaching, and a lot of the lyrics to popular "Christian" music, they are not talking about righteousness and truth. They are talking about making people feel better about themselves and getting God to "meet their needs" when the greatest needs of all are not really being met. They are too much about what we want God to do for us, and not about what He want us to do. God wants to meet our needs, and He can and will. Jesus spoke clearly about this in Matthew 6. However that chapter is summarized in verse 33 with, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." The Lord also said in the previous chapter, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled (Mt 5:6)." Righteousness and truth are inseparable. We must have both or we will have neither. This is not a matter of more versus less. This is matter of life and death. If we do not feed our bodies we will eventually die. If we do not feed out\r souls with righteousness and truth, we will die. If we do, we will live forever.

Many churches are dying and closing their doors. Even whole denominations are dying. We keep hearing about how the generation of young people today like to think of themselves as the most spiritual, but do not go to church or follow the Bible. The devil want us to think righteousness and truth are dying, but that is impossible. That would mean that God is dying. God cannot die. What is happening is that people are realizing that what has passed itself off as Christianity is not the real thing. It is not feeding their spiritual hunger. What is happening is God is positioning the true church for the greatest revival and burst of growth it has ever seen. People will not stop seeking to feed their spiritual hunger. Many will come to find what they are looking for in the right place - the true church of the living God where the Biblical meaning and importance of righteousness and truth is embraced. People have to first realize they have been eating spiritual junk food that cannot satisfy in order to seek to change their diet. No church is perfect because it is made up of people, but it is made up of people who are seeking God as He really is, and are seeking to be who He made us to be.

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