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The irony of Mars

Man has been trying unsuccessfully to be his own lord and savior ever since the garden of Eden (Gen 3:1-7). The nature of the serpent's temptation to Eve was that she did not need to follow the word of God, and she could make accurate moral evaluations on her own. That did not turn out well as God had warned. The problem is that man never learns his lesson and keeps on trying this continually failed experiment. When man does follow the word of God, it works. God warned Noah of impending judgment and gave him a plan for salvation. He followed it and was saved (Gen 6-9, Heb 11:7, 1Pet 3:19-21). Those that did not perished. Sadly, as is usually the case those that chose to obey God were in the minority (Mt 7:14).

After the flood, it did not take long for man to go right back to his own ways (Gen 11). Instead of spreading abroad and repopulating the earth, they gathered in one place and attempted to build what was apparently intended to be a waterproof tower to escape a flood. They burned the brick and used slime which a bituminous petroleum product for mortar. They planned to make it "reach unto heaven". God had promised He would never send a worldwide flood again, but when we disobey the Lord and place our faith in ourselves instead, we cannot simultaneously trust in the Lord. They specifically stated that their goal was to "let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth (Gen 11:4)". God confounded their language, they scattered abroad, and their project was never completed. Some archeologists believe they have located the remains of this incomplete tower. This pattern has repeated itself over and over throughout the history of man right up until today.

One of the many ways man is trying to be his own lord and savior today is through space exploration. There is nothing wrong with exploration in itself , even into outer space. However, as with all things, motive is just as important as action (Heb 4:12). It is apparent that the main motive behind space exploration is for man to attempt once again to be his own lord and savior. This is evident by their own speech. What do they always say they are looking for? There are three things. First, they are trying to prove their hypothesis of a self-created universe which they think excuses them from accountability to God, the Creator and Lord. Second, they are trying to find evidence of aliens which would raise many moral and theological questions which they suppose would bring into question the authenticity of the Bible. Third, they are trying to find another planet to live on to save mankind from the end of this world.

There are profound flaws with each of these. The big bang theory has many logical and scientific flaws which cannot be fully explored here. You can go to or other resources to find information from professional PhD'ed scientists on this. Some proponents of this theory have even started to question its viability. Just to make a few brief points about it here, it does not explain the origin of matter and energy, how an explosion resulted in precise order, or reconcile the account of creation in Genesis 1. As far as aliens, we have plenty of evidence of UFOs, but none for aliens. UFO stands for unidentified flying object. Unidentified means just that. If it was identified, it would not be a UFO. Trying to find another planet to live on is a great irony.

When Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Apollo 11 landing module onto the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969, it was heralded as man's highest achievement. It was a great achievement in some ways for exploration and science, but what did it really accomplish for man? Some technology was developed by the space program, but how has man improved spiritually since then? It could easily be argued that the world has gotten worse rather than better. What did they discover on the moon that has contributed to the moral betterment of man? They discovered that there are no aliens living there, and that it is not a viable long-term escape from the end of this world.

What did we learn from all of that effort and expense? We learned nothing at all. Now they are trying to plan a manned trip to Mars that they estimate will cost one trillion dollars. They have already sent several probes there. They have learned basically what we can see from earth with telescopes. The moon is made of gray rock, and Mars is made up of red rock. Mars is also not designed to sustain life. They have declared that they have found other planets in the "Goldilocks zone" - just the right distance from their suns, but these planets are many light years away, and they know almost nothing about them. All of the technology of man has shown us what the Bible said all along. God created the earth as the inhabitable place for man (Gen 1-2, Is 45:18). "The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD'S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men (Ps 115:16)."

At the end of this world, man will not be completely eliminated from the earth. Many will die during what is called the tribulation described in the book of Revelation. In just two verses, half of the world's population will die (Rev 6:8, Rev 9:15). Based on the current world population, that is almost 4 billion people besides others in other judgments. That is certainly something fearful, but the proper response to the fearful judgment of God against sin is not to try some vain attempt at saving yourself without Him. It is to turn to God in repentance and to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38). The people behind these space projects clearly fear the end of this world is near. People even express their fears in science fiction movies. The end of the world is indeed coming. We do not know exactly how soon it is, but the signs the Bible gives are coming to pass now (Mt 16:3, Mk 13:32). Man cannot escape the judgment of God by going to Mars. God created the universe and there is no fleeing His reach, not even in hell (Ps 139:1-18). The problem is not the earth. God created the earth to sustain life. He is the provider and sustainer (Mt 6:19-33, Col 1:17). Even after sin tainted the original order of creation and brought death and pain (Gen 2:17, Rom 5, Rom 8), this is still so. Jesus is the source of life, not the material world (Jn 6, Jn 11:25, Jn 14:6). The visible things are temporary. The eternal things are invisible (2Cor 4:18). The problem is the sin of man (Rom 5-8). If man did go to Mars, he will bring the problem with him - himself. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can save us from our sins. He is our escape from judgment and hell, and of the end of the world (Lk 21:36, Heb 6:18). Let us leave off these vain attempts to be our own lord and savior, and put our trust in Him

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